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A proprietary product of Lonar Technologies – Vendor Portal is a web based portal made for vendor data management, registration , ASN- Receipt creation and invoice processing. Vendor portal helps in bridging the gap between the vendors and the organization. All of the vendors in the organization can be streamlined effectively by having complete transparency.

Key Features of V-PAL

  • Easy vendor on-boarding

  • Single point for vendor to – Receive PO , Create Invoice and Track Payment Status

  • Facilitates Creation of ASN by Vendor to Receiving by Organisation

  • PO Based/ Non-PO Based and OCR based Invoice Creation

  • Seamless integration between ERP and vendor portal for all transactions

  • Increase in vendor confidence due to the transparency in transactions

  • Reduce vendors inbound calls drastically

  • Configurable vendor forms and e-workflows (approval hierarchy)

  • Quick and Effortless implementation

  • Chat functionality between Vendor and Organisation as well as Broadcast message

  • Audit trails on masters and transaction changes

  • Self / Third party delegation of approvals

Vendor Empanelment

ASN Creation

Invoice Creation

Vendor Empanelment Workflow

Key Features

  • Invite, register and manage vendor data

  • Automated email notifications for employees and vendors

  • Blocking and Unblocking of vendors through e-workflow

  • Easy withdrawal of vendor invitation before approval

  • Paperless and hassle-free registration

  • Vendor can upload business and product catalogs / information

  • Vendor can upload KYC details

  • Mail notification for each level of e-workflow

  • Integration with ERP system

ASN- Receipt Flow

Key Features

  • Reduce receiving cost and time dramatically

  • Eliminate manual data entry considerably

  • ASN facilitates knowing the material being shipped and the time of delivery, allowing organization to plan their business around it.

  • Speeds up dispatch and delivery.

  • Keeps all involved parties informed about the material in transit

  • Identify discrepancy between the expected quantity and actual delivered quantity empowering the receiver to take appropriate action

Invoice Creation

Key Features of Invoicing Flow

  • Vendor can view their respective POs and download as PDF

  • Generate Invoices manually (PO Based / Non PO Based)

  • 2-way and 3-way matching against PO

  • Rule-based validation for sending the invoice to ERP system

  • Ability to attach documents while generating invoices

  • Ability to track payment status against raised Invoice from ERP system

  • Minimizes error rates by reducing human intervention in Invoice processing.

  • GST compliant invoices.

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