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Siebel CRM


World’s most complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution helps organizations achieve maximum with exceptional customer experience. Lonar Technologies as an Oracle partner provides Siebel CRM implementation to have complete end-to-end customer lifecycle solutions. With solution tailored for different industries, we deliver on-premises or cloud solution as per the requirements.

What We Offer

End-to-end implementations of CRM either on cloud or on-premises
Customize the CRM by scripting and defining workflows
Integrating with ERP’s to give seamless user experience
Implementing Siebel Mobile on devices like iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles
Services like version upgrades, data migration, integration, testing, user training and application maintenance of Oracle Siebel CRM

Functional Modules

1. Sales

Maximize sales effectiveness in real time by accelerating the quote-to-cash process, aligning sales channels, increasing pipeline and win rates.

Siebel Sales

Account Management
Opportunity Management
Sales Methodologies
Sales Forecasting
Order Management
Territory Management
Integration to Microsoft Applications


Intuitive Mobile Interface
Rapid, On-Site Response
Easy Deployment

Sales Analytics

Actionable Insights into the Forecast and Pipeline
Sales Force Performance Management
Pipeline Management
Proactive Intelligence
Pre-built data models and metrics
Oracle Sales Analytics for Oracle Fusion Applications
Powered by Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation
Exalytics Ready

Partner Relationship Management

Maximize channel revenue and profitability
Recruit, manage and retain top partners
Streamline and optimize channel operations

Functional Modules

2. Marketing

Empowers B2B and B2C organizations across industries and delivers actionable insight to all members of the marketing organization.

Siebel e-Mail Marketing

Achieve more rapid ROI with embedded best practices
Gain real-time visibility into e-mail marketing performance
Supports the entire e-mail marketing process
Create lasting and profitable customer relationships
Achieve higher response rates, lower opt-out rates, and higher conversion rates
Synchronize e-mail efforts with other marketing communications

Siebel Web Marketing

Improve marketing results with targeted Web offers
Synchronize Web offers with other marketing efforts
Leverage customer information to deliver personalized Web offers
Revamp Web offers based on real-time information
Turn more prospects into buyers

Siebel Events Management

Increase ROI for event-based marketing programs
Maintain the quality of marketing events, while reducing costs
Expertly manage the entire process, from planning to results analysis
Quickly route sales lead to the right channels
Reduce event support cost with online registration and payment

Siebel Loyalty Management

Improve customer profitability by rewarding the "right" customer behavior
Reduce costs by automating loyalty management business processes
Maximize the effectiveness of customer interactions
Reduce expenses by having members update information online
Integrate loyalty programs with complementary partner programs

Siebel Campaign/Dialogue Management

Campaign Management - shorten planning and development cycles
Permission-Based Marketing - create personalized campaigns across channels
Targeted E-Mail Campaigns - leverage the internet to acquire new customers and build customer loyalty
Profitable Interaction Centers - combine with Siebel Contact Center to improve outbound telemarketing and inbound call handling
Field Conversion Rates - ensure the effectiveness of field sales campaigns
Joint Marketing - leverage business partners to maximize sales and marketing opportunities

Siebel Marketing Resource Management

Automate and streamline key marketing processes
Manage activities more effectively with a common platform across brands and regions
Gain visibility into marketing performance and spending across the enterprise
Improve the quality of best-practice processes
Optimize marketing investments with insight into past performance
Align global spending with corporate objectives and priorities

Functional Modules

3. Commerce

It simplifies the complex and often frustrating process of tracking thousands of products across multiple catalogs, by enabling businesses to dynamically present targeted product bundles offering intelligent cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Siebel Dynamic Catalog

The hierarchical catalog allows users to drill down to see multi-tiered categories and subcategories
Powerful searches, find products by price and attribute values driven by customer requirements
Templated orders save time when selecting commonly ordered items
Intelligent orders selected from a customer's existing assets to initiate an update, delete, suspend, or resume order
Integration with external applications stores and analyzes customer response.

Siebel Product and Pricing Analytics

Make decisions based on valuable insight into product demand, customer price sensitivity, and overall pricing effectiveness
Better understand the impact of pricing decisions—analyze and understand impacts on product velocity, discounting on margins, the effectiveness of pricing promotions, and product profitability across channels
Identify pricing improvement opportunities, understand price drivers by considering the bottom-line impact of all discounts, services, incentives, rebates, and marketing programs.
Monitor and optimize performance, measure the effectiveness of given price profiles and price segments. Monitor corporate and regional prices and policies as they are executed in the field
Proactive and predictive intelligence—determine hidden contributors to price variance, find natural clusters of willingness-to-buy and cost-to-serve behavior, and otherwise use data mining and statistics to improve your price insights

Siebel Dynamic Pricer

Automated price calculation decreases administrative tasks by replacing manual price lookup systems
Currency rationalization enable users to create quotes, orders, and agreements in multiple currencies
Multiple prices improve visibility into recurring and nonrecurring prices for products
Consistent pricing increases revenue by eliminating rogue pricing and properly applying all pricing policies

Siebel Product and Catalog Management

Dynamic catalog—create catalogs once and deploy across all channels
Order management—ensure complex orders are accurate and complete
Customized deployment—configure the ideal solution for your needs
Product comparison—allow users to compare products side-by-side
Robust search—ensure that users can find the right product
Cross-sell and up-sell—enforce business rules while prompting agents to respond to higher-value orders

Siebel Quote and Order Lifecycle Management

Quote and Capture—create, validate, and manage quotes and orders
Quote Management—ensure that customer quotes are accurate and profitable
Order Analytics—gain a deep understanding of the order pipeline and order-management process.

Functional Modules

4. Service

Hosted, Mobile, or on-premise solutions, these applications provide optimal resource deployment, speedy issue resolution, one-and-done request handling, and powerful tracking and analytics capabilities.

Siebel Contact Center

E-mail Response - automatically respond to customer e-mail
Computer Telephony Integration - provide caller information to agents automatically
Customer Dashboard - present a comprehensive view of critical information about a customer
Contact Management - provide agents with a complete history of all interactions with a customer
Household Management - view the complete profile of economically affiliated individuals
Contextual Search - retrieve information from anywhere in the application
Workflow Management - route and track tasks throughout their lifecycles

Siebel Contact Center and Service Analytics

Improve service levels, identify up/cross-sell opportunities and improve customer satisfaction
Understand Customer Service Rep (CSR) performance to enable improvements in employee productivity, effectiveness, training programs, and retention
Leverage low-cost options to address simple inquiries and free up Customer Service Representatives to focus on higher value calls
Provide timely key performance metrics, alerts, report to service professionals and senior management

Siebel Field Service

Appointment Booking - confidently schedule activities that meet customer demand with reduced cost
Real-time scheduling and dispatch - optimize schedules and routing to accommodate unexpected delays
Contract Management - create and manage service offerings from quote to contract
Mobile Field Service - provide complete wireless access to customer information, knowledge bases, and more
Parts and Logistics - track service inventory and optimize stocking of spare parts
Asset Management - seamlessly manage warranty information

Siebel Help Desk

Incident Management - identify the root cause of problems
Change Management - establish procedures for handling IT infrastructure changes
Asset Management - track and maintain a complete inventory of IT assets
Service Level Management - align service delivery with established entitlements, availability, and response times
Help Desk Analytics - monitor how an organization is delivering on key metrics and agreements

Siebel Warranty Management

Streamline claims processing through automation
An enhanced collaboration of warranty management processes
Improve visibility of data for superior product quality

Functional Modules

5. Social

An open, integrated framework for Social Media giving customers the ability to use Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) cloud services with their Siebel CRM implementation.

Social Customer Service

Easily route and respond to customer service issues from social networks within existing customer support platform
Escalate service-related social messages from Social Engagement & Monitoring (SEM) into Siebel Call Center
Automatically route to an appropriate agent for fast response
Monitor social media channels for follow-up and engage
Intelligent verification of existing Contact Social Profiles during engagement

Social Marketing

Create Social Marketing Campaigns and link to Siebel Marketing
Push leads generated from Social into Siebel
Create Social Marketing campaigns and Facebook pages social lead generation
Intelligent verification of existing Contact Social Profiles during engagement

Contact Social Profiles

Automatic creation of Social Media profiles for Contacts from Lead capture and Service
For individual Contacts, view, and store many social media profiles
For each social media profile, view and store detailed profile and attribute data into Siebel
Provide a complete enhanced 360-degree view of a Contact in Siebel CRM
Integration with Oracle Master Data Management

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