Lonar Technologies proprietary product LEXA is a web-based portal made for expense management, to ease up the management of expenses between the employees and the organization. The portal has a great advantage as it can be used across the organization with different locations and help to centralize the employees across the organization making it hassle-free to manage them.

Lexa Expense management application ERP




  • Can be used by all employees across different departments

  • Provision to accommodate all sorts of expenses and advances

  • Requests are queued in hierarchy to facilitate the approvals


  • The approval workflow can be configurable

  • Designed to tightly integrate with all leading ERPs and Finance modules

  • APIs for Oracle ERP are tested & tried and ready to implement


  • Quick Implementation

  • Paperless Expense Management

  • Easy of access to one’s expense

Lexa integration with ERPs and Finance modules
  • Secure

  • Streamlines expense management

  • MIS reporting available.

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