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Lonar Technologies, one of the leading Oracle partner to provide Oracle EBS services. We are preferred partner for end-to-end implementation of Oracle EBS, we customize the ERP, according to the industry requirement and maintain it. We not only provide end-to-end solution, but also offer other services like:

Vendor Data Management

Implementation Services

Oracle ERP Migration and Upgrade Services

Migration and Upgrade Services

Oracle ERP Health Checkup Services in Pune

Health Checkup Services

Oracle ERP Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning

Oracle ERP Support Services in India

Support Service


Oracle e-Business Suite implementation service

We offer complete lifecycle of Oracle e-Business Suite implementation services to our customers across diverse industries with a roadmap and reviewable milestones. Our implementation service offering is built on the strengths of deep subject matter expertise, strong business process knowledge, rich toolkits / templates for risk-free deployment and proven program & change management expertise.
Our implementation service offering includes:

  • Pre-implementation assessment & ERP due diligence

  • Core implementation and roll outs

  • Re-Implementations, consolidations

  • Third party product integration, mobile solutions, etc

  • Business Process Re-engineering

  • Data conversion relevant data will be identified, extracted, cleansed and migrated to the new environment

  • DBA support during installation

  • Customization of the applications, forms, reports, etc.


Upgrade services provide the functional, technical and project management expertise required to upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite, followed by ongoing maintenance and support. The following services are offered as part of Migration and Upgrade services:

  • Gap analysis – matching new Oracle Applications features with new and imminent requirements

  • Analysis of existing customization

  • Developing and Re-engineering customizations

  • User training for new features

  • Regression Testing

  • New release Implementation

migration and upgrade Oracle E-Business Suite


support services for Oracle e-Business Suite

Lonar’s support services for Oracle e-Business Suite, focuses on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through a unique combination of domain expertise, technology knowledge and global delivery capabilities. Our offering of Support services includes:

  • Post-implementation support

  • 24 X 7 Oracle EBS Support

  • Major and Minor enhancements

  • Issue resolution and knowledge management

  • Multi language and global support

  • Database administration support

  • Remote Oracle Applications monitoring and maintenance


Lonar offer services for already implemented Oracle EBS where the performance of application is too slow and users in organizations are not satisfied with EBS. We are performance tuning services which help to increase the response.Following are the services which are tuned for increasing performance:

  • Forms & Reports tracing and tuning
  • Concurrent Manager tracing and tuning
  • PL/SQL Profiler
  • Apache JServ/OC4J optimization and configuration
  • Debug Java memory and connection leaks
  • OA Framework tracing
  • AOL/J Connection Pool monitoring
  • Discover tuning
  • Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) data interpretation
  • Applications Tablespace Migration Utility
  • DB upgrades from a performance perspective
  • Memory usage and profiles for Apps
  • Network performance and bandwidth
Oracle EBS services


implementing Oracle EBS and support

After implementing Oracle EBS checks are required, whether it is used to the fullest. Lonar’s Health Checkup services helps to measure how effectively client is utilizing the Oracle e-Business Suite. There might be several reasons why it may be under-utilized by the organization and we help to find out the reason why it has not been utilized to the fullest.

  • Validation of Solution Design

  • Best practices/design methods

  • Checklist reviews for the performance parameters

  • Monitoring and control mechanism on the data growth

  • Tracking new feature list

  • Checklist to follow Oracle recommended features, standards, suitability and architecture

  • Check performance and coding standards

  • Code validation for optimization

  • Applying the learning on case to case basis

  • Reusing the Knowledge base

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