SADA is a mobile application, exclusively designed to bring your Sales Team, Company Outlets, Distributors and also the Retailers to a single and easy-to-use platform to manage your entire sales and distribution channel effectively, always… anytime, anywhere.

SADA is perfectly suitable for a company which has multi-faucet sales and distribution channel (Sales -Distributor – Retailer). SADA helps in eliminating the traditional pain areas of the sales- order management- distribution cycle with a 100% mobility.


  • Sales Team can assign or edit delivery date according to stock available for each product.
  • Provision for Retailers to raise their own order.
  • Facility for Sales Team to place orders on behalf of their Retailers.
  • Facility for Sales Team & Distribution Admin to accept or reject the order.
  • Seamless integration with any CRM/ERP to create the sales order after the order is accepted.
  • Distributor wise ‘Online Product Catalog’ For Sales Team and Retailers.
  • Secure user self-registration & verification
  • Store wise order summary for Distributor & Sales Team


  • A single and easy-to-use platform for all parties involved in the process.
  • Brings 100% mobility to the entire sales-distribution channel.
  • Comprehensive order capturing & seamless delivery tracking features.
  • Delivery of right product, with right quantity, at a right place and that too just in time.
  • Processing of more orders in a lesser time.
  • Reduction in manual intervention and dependency.




  • Mobile app enables Sales Team to enhance Retail-Sales execution.
  • Sales Team and Retailers can see availability of the all products through ‘Online Product Catalog’
  • Retailers and Outlets can punch their own orders always… anytime, anywhere.
  • Facility for Distribution admin to accept/reject the order according to delivery plan.
  • Ensures accuracy in orders i.e. delivery dates, price etc.
  • Minimum time to locate specific data
  • Captures ‘Real-time Demands’ from market for a particular product for better forecasting
  • Provides ability to salesperson to handle multiple Outlets /retailers.
  • Provides ability to distributor to handle multiple Sales persons.


  • FRONTEND : Ionic / Flutter
  • BACKEND : Java, Springboot
  • DATABASE : PostgreSQL


  • DEVICE TYPE : Phone only
  • LANGUAGE : English
  • ORIENTATION : Portrait Only
  • IOS : 9.0 & Above
  • ANDROID: 5.0 & Above